We are proud to be the first UK business founded to specialise in the gourmet hot chocolate on a spoon.

What does a warm, silky cup of hot chocolate mean to you?

Before we realise, our lives become a rush, a hurry to get jobs done, to be in a certain place for a certain time. Collapse in bed, a few hours shut eye and then up to do it all again the next day.

So where do we fit ourselves into this? I mean, really fit US into this? Where do we find half an hour to sit, reflect, to think, to treat ourselves, to put ourselves first in the hustle bustle of daily life.
Or find time to make memories with those we love.

One of my simple pleasures is found in a hot chocolate. A simple indulgence, but an indulgence nonetheless. There's something about being seated in your favourite coffee lounge with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, as the world melts away around you. A break from routine, a step away from normality and reality.

Instead of grabbing your hot drink to go in that takeaway cardboard cup, what if you choose to sit down and truly experience and taste your drink. To enjoy every moment from the mixing, to the aroma, to the flavour.

Why should choosing your hot chocolate be as simple as stirring instant powder with hot water and gulped down without really thinking about it? It should be an experience to be savoured. Embraced. Enjoyed. It should be an event. An occasion to be shared with friends or equally alone. A talking point at a dinner party or wedding reception, or curled up on a sofa with a good book or your favourite film. 

Because we don’t just sell a product.
We create a moment;
a memory. 
An experience.

And we believe it should be exactly that.
dunk. stir. enjoy.

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